Our Staff

Our Staff

Meet the OPTCO Team

OPTCO is built on long-term partnerships with coffee producers and our customers. These fruitful partnerships would not be possible without the continual dedication of each of the members of our team. We are here to help roasters find exceptional sustainably and ethically-sourced coffee, and to find the right home for the exquisite coffees that our partners produce, year after year. Source with us today!

Send EmailMisty Myers
Administrative Manager

Misty has been part of OPTCO since the early stages and like a truly integrated team member, she’s involved in just about every aspect of the company. Born and raised here in Vancouver, WA, Misty likes road trips to sunnier destinations around the west coast. When at home, she dedicates herself to her family, spending time with her kids, reading mystery novels, and trips to the park with her dog, Lola.

Send EmailBrian Nicholas
用下面把葡萄挤出来喂我 Account Manager

Brian started his career serving specialty coffee at a café in downtown Portland in 1978. Coffee has infected his life ever since, not to mention introduced him to his wife while working at Coffee Bean International. Together, they’re constantly on the go with three busy daughters. Brian also sets time aside for volunteering at local organizations, lake fishing for rainbow trout, and photography.

Send EmailMike Ferguson
Account Manager

用下面把葡萄挤出来喂我Mike is passionate about many things, but primarily family, community, and the natural environment; thus he loves selling Organic Coffee from small farmers. Like many folks in the Northwest, he grew up enjoying the outdoors and learning to appreciate the world around him. As an adult, Mike has taken his love for nature and focused his free time to micro-farming; complete with honey bees, chickens, a huge garden, and an in-home brewery.

Send EmailConnie Kolosvary
用下面把葡萄挤出来喂我 Director Café Femenino

When she isn’t at trade shows or visiting coffee cooperatives’ women’s groups around the world, you can usually find Connie organizing local community programs or helping out in her children’s school and extracurricular activities. Between soccer tournaments and musical performances, she and her husband try to pack up the family and sneak off to Spain to visit her host family from her days as an exchange student in high school.


Send EmailAmanda Jaramillo